For organisations operating in our modern world, ensuring that the workforce is correctly informed to perform their roles is essential. This forms the basis for achieving organisational objectives such as quality, safety, efficiency, consistency, and compliance to prevailing regulatory frameworks. This information needs to be provided at the right time, to the right people through familiar and and easy to use tools. Publishing the information needs to be streamlined, ideally fitting in with existing processes, systems and infrastructure. Tracking the consumption for management purposes or for regulatory auditing is also required. Requisite was been conceived and built to address exactly these needs. It allows organisations to easily publish and disseminate required reading materials to groups of relevant readers. It allows readers to immediately access and consume the published material and subsequently sign off that they have read and understood it. The entire experience for readers has been optimised to be as easy to use as possible. With Requisite, organisations can track the compliance of the readers using the comprehensive reporting capabilities. Requisite integrates into existing IT environments, minimising additional costs required, and securing the investments already made.

Whether you work within a regulated environment, a public company or elsewhere your organisation is legally obliged to ensure that your employees and contractors are kept up to date with corporate guidelines, health and safety information or a multitude of other operating procedures. It is vital that your staff have a clear understanding of what they are expected to know, and by when, in order to perform their daily duties safely, efficiently and to the standards set your organization and your industry.

Simplifying a time consuming, manual process

Particularly within regulated industries, it is not uncommon for information managers to spend vast amounts of their time creating, maintaining and distributing required reading lists to each individual within an organisation. Equally, your staff can spend an unnecessarily large part of their working week locating, printing and reading this content. Requisite enables you to readily publish, manage and track your corporate reading requirements, allowing you to send new content directly to the appropriate users based on their role, responsibilities, job title or location within a matter of minutes. Its simple, web-based interface and proactive email notifications ensure that your staff know when they have new content to read or when they need to refresh their existing knowledge, and are able to readily access their personal reading list and the content contained within. On completion of each assignment a simple click confirms that they have read and understood the content presented.

A single source of information

Even with the best manual processes in place it can be difficult to locate all the correct information required to generate reading lists. For example, information about staff and contractors is often stored within an HR system, documents are regularly stored within one or more corporate document management systems, and the reading lists themselves are often created in the form of webpages or excel spread sheets which reside elsewhere on the corporate intranet.

Using Requisite, all your information is managed in one central location. Through connections to your corporate document management repository and HR systems information about your staff and the structure of your organisation can be instantly retrieved and content can be presented directly.

Are you ready to be audited?

Having successfully distributed your reading and training information, the final challenge is ensuring that you know what information your staff have actually consumed and understood. If you are involved in litigation or the regulators come knocking, you must provide evidence that you have correctly trained all your employees. So, exactly how do you prove that everyone received and read the most current required documents for their roles?

The powerful reporting tools available within Requisite ensure that management and auditors have a full picture of the overall state of your organisations compliance at any time. Snapshot reports enable auditors to identify what information any individual or team was required to read, and whether or not they had actually consumed it at any specific point in time.

Integrates into your existing IT landscape Requisite has been built to integrate with your existing IT landscape. Requisite runs on Microsoft Windows or Linux based servers. It uses Microsoft SQL Server as an RDBMs or the opensource PostgreSQL.

Through an open REST API Requisite can be integrated with your existing Content or Document Management systems as a source of the reading materials. Users and their groups / roles / functions can be sourced from directory or HR systems. The base Requisite product includes an LDAP Directory Server Connector for sourcing users and groups. Optional ECM / DMS connectors to systems such as OpenText Content Server, Microsoft Sharepoint (planned) are available as standard.